About Us
Generation Next Young Professionals’ Retreat 2019 Destination Bermuda

Join the next generation of leaders from across the globe in the island paradise Bermuda for the Generation Next Young Professionals' Retreat 2019.

Generation Next is a Bermudian youth group comprised of forward-thinking, enterprising, young Bermudians who continually strive to galvanise our generational peers and subsequent generations to be future leaders.

Inextricably linked to the success of any grass roots organisation is the support, encouragement and involvement of the key/chosen demographic; in that vein, Generation Next could not be a success without our fellow young Bermudians; we have grown from strength to strength by imbuing an indelible connection with Bermuda's youth. As such, we take the view that now is the appropriate time to further enhance our offerings that we can provide to our rising populace, as we now seek to expand our network globally.

We are indebted to our generational peers for their tireless commitment and hard work in their respective endeavours locally and internationally; young Bermudians have demonstrated a genuine desire to build a better and brighter Bermuda for us all.