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Generation Next Young Professionals’ Retreat 2019 Destination Bermuda

Live Video Replay: ‘Generation Next’ Town Hall

 Generation Next is holding Youth Town Hall Meeting this evening [June 22] in the Dr. E.F Gordon Hall at the Bermuda Industrial Union building, with the speakers to include former Parliamentarian John Barritt, Destinee Taylor, Aminah Simmons, Eron Hill, and others.

Eron Hill previously said, “We believe that it has become overwhelmingly important, that young people recognise both the importance in their vote and the opportunity to secure their future by voting. Notwithstanding voting being one of the centre piece topics, we also recognise the political turmoil in Bermuda and the lack of contribution given by young people.”

“It is often said, that decisions are made in the best interest for the future and sustainability of Bermuda, yet no consultation has been established with the future of Bermuda – the young people.”